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Jewellery Maker

We have been jewellery makers in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter since 1876, a long time ago. My Great Grandfather started it at a time so very different from today and so many events have occurred since. Over these years a great wealth of knowledge has been gained, the design of jewellery, the making methods, new technologies but most importantly of all how to produce a quality product.

Originally jewellery makers used sheet and wire using draw plates and swage blocks. Very skilled but in today’s market the labour price and the metal prices have encouraged the use of premade parts, cad cam or hand carved waxes. We try to embrace these new approaches where appropriate to give good value. The handmade approach is still used where needed as part of the creative process to give an even better range of abilities to achieve the best possible result.

As jewellery makers we can make what we are asked for and cover most areas of jewellery, although diamond jewellery is our specialized area. We work in 18 carat and 9 carat gold, Platinum, Palladium and Silver. There is a very wide range of Jewellery wanted and a wider range of reasons for wanting it. This covers engagement rings, wedding rings and pendants, remaking an existing item of jewellery, something you want or something you have seen or lost. It may be an occasion, which needs to be celebrated.

It is not just about being jewellery makers because jewellery is really about people, who they are and what they like. To make jewellery is complicated, to make the right piece of jewellery is rewarding. You can easily contact me by email phone or arrange a visit and I will use all my skills to produce the right item for you. Making the perfect piece of jewellery for you will be a pleasure.

The little chap on the right is Dylan, I should point out the saw frame does not have a saw in, he is only pretending but he would be the sixth generation of jewellery makers in the family