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Bespoke Diamond Rings

There are many occasions where the is the appropriate gift.

  • An Anniversary
  • The Birth Of A Child
  • Or Just Because You Feel It Is Right

The choice is wide from band rings to clusters,single stones to eternities.
It does not have to be a ring either there are pendants and brooches all of which come into this happy list.
To have something special designed for you is an added bonus.
Many people have a sort of idea, "I like that, but its not quite right".
This is a good start point as in just a drawing.

I principally take your ideas,it is always good to meet with you then, I can add in your personality and of course moderate all of this with my knowledge of jewellery gained from many years as a jeweller.
The list of choice is almost endless, with a choice of metals, gold, platinum and increasingly paladium and not to forget silver. It might be plain but there are gemstones sapphire, ruby and emeralds to go with the diamonds, there are also the semi precious stones tanzanite, amythyst, onyx and of course pearls.
The jewellery can have several forms of ornamentation including engraving and could be a variety of shapes.

Your budget is always an important factor and then there are sketches and dialogue until we are both happy then on to the making.In principle there are 4 ways of making a chosen item of jewellery. Handmade which is where everything is made out of sheet and wire, very skilled but time consuming. The use of pre fabricated parts to reduce the time taken but this is restriced by the availability.

Hand carved wax and CAD CAM with some complicated items these methods are used in conjunction to make the item. This is all getting technical although some customers are interested, it is all a behind the scenes approach to making to a high standard of your choice.

It is pleasant with all the increases in prices that with certain new technologies that more can now afford to divulge in bespoke diamond rings.