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Graham Saunders Ltd has been performing jewellery repairs in Birmingham since 1876. Jewellery repairs are a very specialized area of work for the jeweller. The skills to remake repair or remodel in a similar fashion to the original requires years of knowledge and experience. This includes a deep understanding of the metals and alloys involved and the right solders needed to work with them, together with knowledge of gem stones and their properties is all necessary for jewellery repairs.

Jewellery often has a special meaning, a gift, an occasion or a memory and when an item of jewellery requires repairs it must be done with great skill and respect to the original making methods and materials. This can be rings, pendants, bangles or brooches, the list is endless. It might be an item which has been lost but a description or a photograph exists. If the item requires drawing out first, this is done until the item is defined. This requires a detailed knowledge of historic jewellery, but as we have been involved in all facets of jewellery, in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, for so many years it is all familiar.

Settings are subject to daily wear and often the first sign of age is a diamond or indeed any type of stone becoming loose or falling out. To take the remaining stones out and replace the worn metal which makes up the setting and then reset returns the item to its former glory. Any stones which have been lost we can supply to match. It may be the settings are acceptable at the moment but the shank has become thin, the ring being worn next to say a wedding ring. To repair, build up or replace the shank can easily be done and any engraving can be copied on to the new shank.

Sometimes an item of jewellery is remade in a new form, so a three stone might end up as a single stone and a pair of earrings for example. When a remodeling is needed the new item can be drawn out first and discussed before work is started, any stones needed we can supply.

The before and after pictures below show what a dramatic effect an expert repair can achieve.

It is possibly easiest to say whatever your requirements are so please email or phone and I will be happy to discuss your needs with you

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