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Bespoke Wedding Rings

These can be very glamorous or just a difficult shape. Certain Bespoke Engagement Rings have odd sides in terms of a wedding ring sitting tidily sitting against them. In this situation to reflect the shape and produce a shaped bespoke wedding ring is often the answer. Bespoke Wedding Rings are increasingly having gemstones as part of the design, in particular diamonds, round diamonds, princess cut diamonds and baguette diamonds.

Sometimes more than one shape of diamond can be used in a Bespoke Wedding Ring even if the sides can be encrusted for the total effect. But not all bespoke wedding rings are of this super value. Plain metal with engraved images, inlays of a different colour metal. On the subject of metals there the golds, 9 carat yellow, white and red, 18 carat same colours, platinum and the less expensive palladium and silver.

palladium is very useful for the heavy gents wedding rings as platinum would be a lot more money. I was once asked to make a Bespoke Wedding Ring in silver with marcasites and diamonds, not sure why but they were more than happy. So, back to the shapes, we have the straight sided wedding rings and the shaped ones to fit closely with the Bespoke Engagement Ring, but we also have different cross sections.

Court shapes with the inside and outside curved, flat top and court inside, d-shaped and flat. There can be many other cross sections particularly with the additions of stones dictate or because you want it or because it matches the cross section of your Bespoke Engagement Ring. People can to me with all sorts of ideas. I make sure they are practical, give advice if needed, make sure it is within the budget and get making.

Here are some examples of Bespoke Wedding Rings made to the clients specifications: